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National Indoor Championships 2020. Youth, Open and Masters

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* Please enter the category or categories you are entering in brackets after your name: (Y) for Youth, (O) for Open or (M) for Masters. If you are entering two categories, please enter your name (and pay) twice, once for each category.


Cardiff International Pool


18th April 2020 (Youth)
19th April 2020 (Open, Masters)


You need to be there to register and warm up by 08.00. Racing starts at 08.30 and will continue till early evening.


All full club members of 13 over are eligibile. Remember this goes by age on 31st Dec this year, not your age now:

Age 13—19 (born 2001—2007) can enter Youth competition. There are four age categories for individual events: 13, 14—15, 16—17, 18—19.

Age 16+ (born 2004 or earlier) can enter Open. As the name suggests, there are no age groups - you compete against all comers.

Age 30+ (born 1990 or earlier) can enter Masters. Age groups are 30—39, and 5-year bands therafter: 40—44, 45—49, etc.

Entering more than one category

The Nippers category overlap with Youth (age 13) and Open overlaps with both Youth and Masters. If you come within an overlap you can enter in both categories and are encouraged to do so. The competitions are on different days so it is quite feasible (except for Open/Masters which might be difficult!). Please enter twice putting a different category each time.

Nippers and Youth

If you are 13 and nervous of entering Youth, you should be aware that while there are quite big differences between the Nipper and Youth events you are still in the same age group and will be competing against exactly the same people who will be just as inexperienced as you are so don't think you need to be any ‘better’ for the Youth competition. In fact there are often many fewer competitors in this age group at Youth competition.

There is no selection or qualification for any category – most members within the age range are good enough and are strongly encouraged to come and compete. New members should not be hesitant.


We have already been practising the skills for these events through the winter so they should be familiar. As the competition approaches we will be making sure you all understand all the details.

Remember: the pool is 50m long (twice the length we normally train in) and is about 2m deep the whole length.

  1. Super Lifesaver (17+ only). Solo medley event involving swim, manikin carry and manikin tow with fins.
  2. Obstacle race (100m for 15 & under, 200m for 16 & over). Swimming under two fences each length.
  3. Obstacle relay (4 x 50m)
  4. Manikin carry (50m). Swim 25m, dive to pick up manikin and carry it the remaining 25m.
  5. Manikin carry relay (4 x 25m). Change overs in middle and at ends of the 50m pool
  6. Manikin carry with fins (100m). Swim a length, dive for the manikin and carry it back.
  7. Rescue medley. One length freestyle, 17.5m under water to pick up a manikin and carry it the remaining 32.5m
  8. Manikin tow with fins (100m). Swim a length, clip the manikin into a rescue tube and tow it back.
  9. Medley relay (4 x 50m). As at twilights: 1 swims, 2 swims with fins, 3 swims with tube and 4, with fins, tows 3 home.


You will need:

  1. Swimming costume
  2. Towels
  3. Goggles
  4. Club silicone swim hat (compulsory for all competitors)
  5. Fins (if you have them), These should be long ones and not short training fins (max length 65cm from the back of your heel). We will take a bag of club fins for those who don't have their own.
  6. Club T-shirt (available from Salix Embroidery)
  7. Food and Drink. It will be a long day with a lot of waiting between events but there may not be a defined lunch break. There will be food available at the venue but don't rely on anythng specific.

Travel and Parental Responsibility

The club does not take responsibility for getting children to and from the event or looking after them while there. Their coaches will be there to help, encourage and advise them on the events, techniques, tactics and strategy but each child must have an adult who is answerable for them and is authorised to make decisions about their welfare in an emergency. Provided these conditions are met, it is of course possible to group together for transport and parental responsibility.


We are required to provide helpers to run the event in proportion to the number of competitors we have. Jobs include time-keeping, marshalling youth, setting up equipment (in the pool) etc. Helpers must all be SLSGB members (preferably members of BCSLSC). Please volunteer if you are a parent member or adult members doing the Open and Masters competition the next day and can travel early. We also need helpers at the Open/Masters on the Sunday and welcome any Youth helpers who are staying through.