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Arriving at 2023 National Surf Lifesaving Championships

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our Beach here at Branksome Chine between 12-19 August.

To make your arrival as smooth and easy as possible please read below.

Event Location

The competition area is on the beach in front of Branksome Dene Community Rooms, as shown on the map below. To ease access, we have organised free parking and a Club kit trailer compound within close proximity of the competition area. The locations of these are;

  • FREE off-street parking - at Beach Road car park BH13 7BS
  • Club kit trailer compound (for large kit storage and drop-off/collection) - by Branksome Dene Community Rooms at Pinewood Road BH13 6JP

Whilst the kit compound can be used for personal kit to be stored on the ground, this is at the owners own risk and is primarily for the storage of club kit trailers – there is no FREE parking here for vehicles. To leave a trailer you need a parking marshal in attendance so please plan accordingly.


SLSGB are yet to confirm the time of registration on each day of events but we expect things to kick off around 8am.


Club kit trailer compound – BH13 6JP

The compound for kit trailers with club boards and skis is located by Branksome Dene Community Rooms, Pinewood Road BH13 6JP.

Access to this area is via a single track road entrance so if you’re dropping off a trailer, you will need to be met by a marshal who will manage your access. There are no height or width restrictions, we are just trying to keep congestion to an absolute minimum.

Please call ahead to arrange a time to drop your club kit - Mark Dixon 07947 653550.


If you have trailers or large kit to drop off, head to the kit compound at Pinewood Road, BH13 6JP – this is our designated kit drop off and pick up area, not intended as an area for general parking.

imageIf you require support when you arrive, please call Mark Dixon 07947 653550. In order that we keep traffic moving freely on the residential roads, the approach will be from the Avenue and Tower Road end (see map - RED for southbound traffic and BLUE for northbound), you will not be able to make a right turn into Branksome Dene from Westminster Road end as this would cause the road to become blocked with queuing traffic at busy times.

Once you have dropped off your kit, you will need to drive to the FREE car park for all competitors located at postcode: BH13 7BS.

The kit drop off should ONLY be used by those with large equipment to drop off (skis and boards) as opposed to general beach bits and pieces.

If you don’t have a trailer or large kit to drop off, head to the FREE competitor parking at Beach Road, BH13 7BS.


We are thrilled to offer you free parking for the day at his car park, having secured a deal with Bournemouth Christchurch Poole Council. The car park is a maximum of a 900m walk on footpaths (not a sand dune in sight) to the competition area. Please note, all the other car parks locally will incur the usual charges.


On arrival at Beach Road, a marshall will be in the car park from 7.00am to provide you with a car park pass if not already collected. This will be marked with your vehicle registration; it is not transferable and must be displayed in your windscreen or normal pay and display parking rules apply! Regardless of if you have a permit or not, parking will be on a first come first parked basis!

Further off-street parking is available at following locations, but pay and display charges will apply;

  • Branksome Chine car park on Pinecliff Road (104 spaces - 450m walk) - BH13 6LP
  • Alum Chine car park on Alumhurst Road (92 spaces - 700m walk) - BH4 8HS
  • Canford Cliffs Library car park on Western Road (52 spaces - 950m walk) - BH13 7BN

Free on-street parking is available on Westminster Road, Lakeside Road, Dalkeith Road and Western Road, please be respectful that this is a residential area and traffic wardens do patrol. Tickets will be issued to cars obstructing driveways or illegally parked.

Once on the beach, the primary location for club tents will be in front of the sprint track.

Collection of Competition Wrist Bands.

Competition wrist bands will have to be worn for every race; without it they will not be able to Marshall for a race. Individual competitors will need to collect their wrist band to ensure the right size is provided and their account is activated. Visit the Event Village during the following times:

- Masters - from Friday 11 August from 1pm

- Youth, Nippers and OceanPerf competitors - from Saturday 12 August


The traffic management plan is designed to maintain the flow of traffic at all times meaning that the event causes the minimal amount of congestion and inconvenience to our neighbours, like so many of your clubs we are endeavouring to grow our community engagement please be respectful of this and follow this guide. Thank You.