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Event Sustainability

Our aim is to deliver this event in the most sustainable way possible. Here are some of the things we're doing to achiheve this aim:

- Reduce single use plastic - everyone is encouraged to bring a refillable water bottle bottle and reuseable mug.

- Reduce reliance on fossil fuels - using solar and hybrid generator technology.

- Increase recycling opportunities - using Avon Material Supplies to remove our waste. Using one bin for all waste reduces vehicle movements only needing one collection per day. Avon Material Supplies achieves 95% recycle rates with the remainder diverted from landfill for waste to energy.

Changing behaviours

Help your children understand climate change - small changes can make a big difference

imageSky Kids have a Sky Original TV series Obki. The animated series features Obki, a loveable eco-alien, on his journey to be a positive force for good on Earth. Obki explores issues affecting climate change with his trusted time travel friend the Orb. Their mission is to tell informative and entertaining stories to bring awareness and actionable solution ideas.

We are honoured to have Obki visit our event on Friday 18 August. Come along to one of the sessions organised:

  • 10am - 10.30am - interactive session in the Event Bar
  • 1pm - 2.00pm - have your photo taken with Obki and claim your free goodies in the Event Village
  • 3pm - 3.30pm - interative session in the Event Bar