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Wessex Region

Pool Championships 2020

Register and pay for entries to this years Wessex Pool Champs

Great prep for the Indoor Nationals Champsionships as it follows similar SLSGB events and rules. All eligible should try and attend.


March 7th, 12pm to 6pm, Dolphin pool, Poole

Youth, Open, Masters

March 21st, 12pm to 6pm, Dolphin pool, Poole

Race Descriptions and Rules

The races with their rules are described in the SLSGB rule books. SLSGB rules are designed for a 50m pool so Wessex have a supplement which describes the modification that will be made for racing in a 25m pool.

SLSGB Nipper rule book.
SLSGB Youth, Open and Masters rule book
Wessex Youth, Open and Masters rules supplement for 25m pool

Note: Club T-Shirts and Caps

All competitors must wear an orange silicone BCSLSC swim hat for all events. If you need and do not already have one then please contact Emma Kane via Chatter/phone/email.
Members should wear a standard purple BCSLC club T-shirt for team identity.

Number of entrants
Names and Category* of Entrants

* Which Category am I?

Please enter the category or categories you are entering in brackets after your name: N for Nippers, Y for Youth, O for Open and M for Masters. e.g.   Sue Young (N)

Age on
31 Dec 2020
Year of birthCategory
8—122008—2012Nipper write (N) after your name.
132007You can enter Nippers, Youth or both – write (N), (Y) or (NY). You only need to pay once.
14—152005—2006Youth – write (Y)
16—182002—2004Either Youth or Open – write (Y) or (O). You can't enter both.
19—391981—2001Open – write (O)
40+≤ 1980Either Masters or Open. You can't enter both.

Nipppers and Youth categories have events grouped by age band. Masters is for older adults but for this year there are no age bands. The Open competition is where anyone can compete, irrespective of age.